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  • Anti-symmetric operator — In quantum mechanics, a raising or lowering operator (collectively known as ladder operators) is an operator that increases or decreases the eigenvalue of another operator. In quantum mechanics, the raising operator is sometimes called the… …   Wikipedia

  • Symmetric function — In mathematics, the term symmetric function can mean two different concepts. A symmetric function of n variables is one whose value at any n tuple of arguments is the same as its value at any permutation of that n tuple. While this notion can… …   Wikipedia

  • Symmetric group — Not to be confused with Symmetry group. A Cayley graph of the symmetric group S4 …   Wikipedia

  • Symmetric algebra — In mathematics, the symmetric algebra S ( V ) (also denoted Sym ( V )) on a vector space V over a field K is the free commutative unital associative K algebra containing V .It corresponds to polynomials with indeterminates in V , without choosing …   Wikipedia

  • Anti de Sitter space — In mathematics and physics, n dimensional anti de Sitter space, sometimes written AdS n, is a maximally symmetric Lorentzian manifold with constant negative scalar curvature. It is the Lorentzian analog of n dimensional hyperbolic space, just as… …   Wikipedia

  • Madison Symmetric Torus — Infobox Magnetic Fusion Device name = Madison Symmetric Torus dev type=Reversed field pinch loc=Madison, Wisconsin, USA rad maj = 1.50 m rad min = 52 cm aspect = 2.88|The Madison Symmetric Torus (MST) is a reversed field pinch (RFP) physics… …   Wikipedia

  • Tragik der Anti-Allmende — Die Tragik der Anti Allmende (engl. tragedy of the anticommons) beschreibt das Dilemma, bei dem die Vielzahl an Rechteinhabern das Erreichen eines sozial erwünschten Resultats unmöglich macht. Der englische Ausdruck dieses Neologismus wurde vom… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Term symbol — In quantum mechanics, the term symbol is an abbreviated description of the angular momentum quantum numbers in a multi electron atom. It is related with the energy level of a given electron configuration. LS coupling is assumed. The ground state… …   Wikipedia

  • List of matrices — This page lists some important classes of matrices used in mathematics, science and engineering: Matrices in mathematics*(0,1) matrix a matrix with all elements either 0 or 1. Also called a binary matrix . *Adjugate matrix * Alternant matrix a… …   Wikipedia

  • Exterior algebra — In mathematics, the exterior product or wedge product of vectors is an algebraic construction generalizing certain features of the cross product to higher dimensions. Like the cross product, and the scalar triple product, the exterior product of… …   Wikipedia

  • Preorder — In mathematics, especially in order theory, preorders are binary relations that satisfy certain conditions. For example, all partial orders and equivalence relations are preorders. The name quasiorder is also common for preorders. Other notations …   Wikipedia

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